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Steve Delaney (born 1955) is an English comedian and character actor, best known for his comedy character Count Arthur Strong on BBC Radio 4  and then a Television sitcom broadcast on BBC2 and BBC1.

The fictional character Count Arthur Strong is an elderly, pompous, mostly out-of-work, deluded thespian from Doncaster, Yorkshire who appears to suffer from attention deficit disorder and memory loss. He is apt to use malapropisms in his attempts to sound educated. Count Arthur played Dickie Bow, the acting pool for the entire show of The Remains of Foley and McColl in 2000. He appeared in Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show!, a series that was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 from 2005 to 2012, and is the central character in the BBC2 sitcom Count Arthur Strong, which first aired on 8 July 2013.

Count Arthur is based on many influences and people from Delaney’s youth from the 1960s onward: next-door neighbours, relatives, and eccentric shopkeepers.

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Count Arthur Strong Signed Book 'Through It All I've Always Laughed' (Steve Delaney)

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