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  • Adolf Hitler & Hermann Goring Signed Documents (Framed)
Adolf Hitler (german:; 20 april 1889 – 30 april 1945) was an austrian-born german politician and the leader of the nazi party (german: nationalsozialistische deutsche arbeiterpartei (nsdap); national socialist german workers party). He was chancellor of germany from 1933 to 1945 and dictator of nazi germany (as führer und reichskanzler) from 1934 to 1945. Hitler was at the centre of nazi germany, world war ii in europe, and the holocaust.

Hitler was a decorated veteran of world war i. He joined the german workers' party (precursor of the nsdap) in 1919, and became leader of the nsdap in 1921. In 1923, he attempted a coup d'état in munich, known as the beer hall putsch. The failed coup resulted in 's imprisonment, during which time he wrote his memoir, mein kampf (my struggle). After his release in 1924, gained popular support by attacking the treaty of versailles and promoting pan-germanism, antisemitism, and anti-communism with charismatic oratory and nazi propaganda. After his appointment as chancellor in 1933, he transformed the weimar republic into the third reich, a single-party dictatorship based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideology of nazism.

Hitler's aim was to establish a new order of absolute nazi german hegemony in continental europe. To this end, his foreign and domestic policies had the aim of seizing lebensraum ("living space") for the germanic people. He directed the rearmament of germany and the invasion of poland by the wehrmacht in september 1939, resulting in the outbreak of world war ii in europe. Under 's rule, in 1941 german forces and their european allies occupied most of europe and north africa. In 1943, germany had been forced onto the defensive and suffered a series of escalating defeats. In the final days of the war, during the battle of berlin in 1945, married his long-time partner, eva braun. On 30 april 1945, less than two days later, the two committed suicide to avoid capture by the red army, and their corpses were burned.

Hitler's aggressive foreign policy is considered the main cause of the outbreak of world war ii in europe. His antisemitic policies and racially motivated ideology resulted in the deaths of at least 5.5 million jews, and millions of other people deemed racially inferior.

Hermann wilhelm göring (or goering; 12 january 1893 – 15 october 1946), was a german politician, military leader, and leading member of the nazi party (nsdap). A veteran of world war i as an ace fighter pilot, he was a recipient of the coveted pour le mérite, also known as the "blue max". He was the last commander of jagdgeschwader 1, the fighter wing once led by manfred von richthofen, the "red baron".

A member of the nsdap from its early days, göring was wounded in 1923 during the failed coup known as the beer hall putsch. He became permanently addicted to morphine after being treated with the drug for his injuries. He founded the gestapo in 1933. Göring was appointed commander-in-chief of the luftwaffe (air force) in 1935, a position he held until the final days of world war ii. By 1940 he was at the peak of his power and influence; as minister in charge of the four year plan, he was responsible for much of the functioning of the german economy in the build-up to world war ii. Adolf promoted him to the rank of reichsmarschall, a rank senior to all other wehrmacht commanders, and in 1941 designated him as his successor and deputy in all his offices.

Göring's standing with was greatly reduced by 1942, with the luftwaffe unable to fulfill its commitments and the german war effort stumbling on both fronts. Göring largely withdrew from the military and political scene and focused on the acquisition of property and artwork, much of which was confiscated from jewish victims of the holocaust. Informed on 22 april 1945 that intended to commit suicide, göring sent a telegram to asking to assume control of the reich. Hitler then removed göring from all his positions, expelled him from the party, and ordered his arrest. After world war ii, göring was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the nuremberg trials. He was sentenced to death by hanging, but committed suicide by ingesting cyanide the night before the sentence was to be carried out.

2 signatures on official document transferring soldier from one regiment to another comes with pic of goring framed ask for transport costs as is framed or can be collected stunning piece of memorabila

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Adolf Hitler & Hermann Goring Signed Documents (Framed)

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